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Tiger King Season 2: Release And Renewal Updates At Netflix

Tiger King Season 2: Has Netflix Confirmed It For Second Season?

Netflix has not announced season 2 but because tiger King Season 1 became so popular and loved by all, there are chances that season 2 will also come.

Anything said about season 2 coming is not true as Netflix has not said a single word about this topic.

In an interview, Rebecca Chaiklin one of the producers of Tiger King revealed that the story is still unfolding and they have a lot of footage, she also said that season 2 will be as dramatic as interesting, and colorful as season 1. They are not sure but they believe that there can be a follow-up.

Tiger King Season 1: What Happened In The End?

In the end, we saw that Joe Exotic got arrested with many charges and was sentenced to 22 years in prison. We also saw that the owner was killing and burying tigers on his property, he was also accused of selling tigers to the circus owner. The property was also raided but nothing got proved so the Safari park remains open to date, well, of course, it got closed for a while, due to the coronavirus but it reopened again.

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Tiger King Season 2: Is There Any Trailer?

No there are currently no trailers for season 2, but if you want to watch more videos you can, they show plenty of videos. Big Cat Rescue has a YouTube channel on which you can see videos like ‘ Kitten Wrestling in 3D’

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Tiger King Season 2: Cast

Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and Doc Antle will return for season 2, though the focus is shifting, they are the main figures in a broader conversation about wildlife. Although Joe is behind the bars, he will continue giving interviews.

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