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To All The Boys 3 Faces A Long Delay For Release

To All The Boys 3
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Recently, Netflix has started to give equal importance to movies related to the life of teenagers. But none have quite captured the attention of the youth market as the franchise of “To All The Boys”. 

Starring Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, the first part of the film became an enormous hit in the year 2018. The second part, ” To All The Boy: P.S I Still Love You, gained similar appreciation and attention from fans. 

The glamour and romance aren’t stopping there, the 3rd part is on the way, and it has been named ” To All The Boys: Always And Forever”. The whole franchise is based on a book written by Jenny Han.

To All The Boys 3: A Long Wait For The Release

Although there is no official announcement regarding the release date of 3rd part, fans don’t need to worry about the process of production and filming – because the shooting of the third part has already been completed and it’s all set to release. 

Talking to Jimmy Falcon on his Talk Show, Lana Condor said the second and the third part of the franchise had been filmed back to back. The third part is already in the process of post-production, and it could be the final entry in this romantic franchise. Hence, the movie is not coming in this fall we guess we will have the movie on Netflix in February 2021, it’s not officially announced its just a guess.

Cast Of To All The Boys: Always And Forever:

We will see Lana Condor and Noah Centineo back in the lead role. Other casts are as follows:

  • Jannel Parrish
  • Anna Cathcart
  • Madeleine Arthur
  • Sarayu Blue
  • John Corbett

But there is bad news for the fans of Jordan Fisher, as he is not going to appear in the final entry of the franchise – because there is not any mention of John Ambrose (the character played by Jordan Fisher ), in the third part of the book. So he won’t play a role in the film unless the makers decide to make a crucial change. 

As we find out more information regarding “To All The Boys 3” and it’s the release date, we will update it here.

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