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Tom Felton: Dating Lessons He Should Learn From Keanu Reeves

Tom Felton: Dating Lessons He Should Learn From Keanu Reeves

It turns out that ordinary people are not the only ones who have trouble finding love. Celebrities also go through the trials and tribulations of dating. With the popularity of the new Raya dating app, stars can find love at the click of a button. Tom Felton of Harry Potter is one of the first people to sign up for the app, but it seems he has already found someone on his own. Now the internet can’t stop talking about it.

What’s going on between Tom Felton and Emma Watson?

It’s fantastic that heartbreaker actor Tom Felton didn’t have a beautiful girlfriend by his side. Ofelia’s actor was not very lucky in the love department, hence his decision to try to convince a dating application like Raya. Recently he has spent a lot of time with his co-star Emma Watson. The two Harry Potter actors claim they are just friends, but the Daily Mail reports that actions speak louder than words.

In 2019, rumors that these actors went out together began to circulate after a series of Instagram photos were published. The images revealed that the two are enjoying each other’s company. While many of the photographs paid tribute to his Harry Potter, a particular photo showed Felton teaching Watson to play the guitar. The Planet of the Apes actor even said that “it’s always good to hit him, see him on the beach and at dinner.” Come on, Felton, who are you kidding here? It looks like they are dating. If not, they may need some help connecting the connection.

Can Keanu Reeves solve Felton’s tireless problem

An actor who could serve as Felton’s assistant is Keanu Reeves. The late Matrix actor understands the complexity of a celebrity relationship, although until recently, he had no trouble finding love. He seems extremely happy in his relationship with visual artist Alexandra Grant.

The 55-year-old actor has been linked to Grant since the early days of the Matrix trilogy, and Eonline speculates that they have been dating for much longer than we know. However, they have recently intervened as a couple. They have been in a happy relationship, but they certainly have not married. Felton could learn one or two things from Keanu Reeves.

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