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Tom Holland And Zendaya? What Happened To Those Dating Rumors? Have The Two Split?

Tom Holland and Zendaya, were they ever a thing? History has it, that every Spiderman has fallen in love with his co-star. Toby Maguire and Kristen Dunst, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Is it true with Tom and Zendaya too? or they have broken the spiderman love spell? Let us see for ourselves.

A fan tweet said that Tom and Zendaya are on a vacation together, Zendaya humorously replied that she hasn’t been on a vacation in years, she also asked Tom about it. To that Tom sarcastically asked, does a press tour count. However, neither Tom Nor Zendaya denied the dating fact but the way they were laughing around suggests that they are nothing more than friends. Although fans want it to be true, it isn’t. Looks like it is nothing more than a rumour.

However, in 2017 People’s magazine reported that the two were dating, thus began the surge of tweets, among which a famous one is the vacation one. It is possible that the people who reported it in the magazine might have misunderstood a very good friendship with dating. Tom and Zendaya have never failed to deny this. They always call each other with tags like best friends and the best people etc. It certainly looks like it is just friendship.

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To support this fact, Holland has officially said on Elle’s show that he is not involved in any romantic relationship, around June 2019. However, he also said that he is not the fleeting type but was just work-focused.

Speculating things about Zendaya and Tom isn’t totally wrong, after all, we find them spending a lot of time together. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are dating. It is just good friendship and nothing more than that. Looks like we have finally reached a conclusion. It is just Friendship.

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