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Too Hot To Handle Season 2: What’s Known About Netflix Renewal

Too Hot To Handle Season 2
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Too Hot To Handle is a dating reality show, which was premiered on Netflix in April 2020. This dating show has a very unique concept, Singles have to make relationships without any physical touch.

The contestants were unaware of what they are getting themselves into, and once they found out the concept some were relieved and some were having a hard time adjusting, but all of them had a great time and learned a lot from this experience.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed The Show?

The show has not been renewed yet, but there are hundreds of reasons to be positive about its season 2. The creators aren’t ready to say a word about this but because of its following, it is assumed that there will be a season 2 for sure.

Even if season 2 gets confirmed we will have to wait for a very long time, as we all know the pandemic has put a full stop on everything, especially the film industry.

What Casts Has To Say About The Show?

The casts of Too Hot To Handle says that it was a fun and positive experience, it was not just a dating show but was also about exploring oneself.

Bryce Herschberg said that when she returned home she was very comfortable and happy with herself.

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Too Hot To Handle has also impacted it’s cast real lives, as they now want personality overlooks and a serious relationship.

Sadly no other season will be like this one as the element of surprise won’t be there, this time everyone will be aware of what they are getting into and maybe keep their eyes on the price. Who knows maybe the makers will surprise us and the contestants again.

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