Top 10 Games for Apple iPad in 2020

Gaming on the iPad has never been better. You can take it with you anywhere you go, but the screen is still large enough to enjoy gaming to its fullest. 2020 is looking like a great year for iPad gaming, with plenty of cool games to choose from in the iOS app store. The biggest issue with playing games on an iPad has always been that many games are not specifically designed with the support of the device; that’s all changed, and the games we’re going to talk about all have that support. So, whether your iPad is your main gaming portal or a way of passing an hour on the road, these games are sure to keep you occupied.

Top Ten iPad Games for 2020

With so many games to choose from, it’s hard to find the right games. You don’t want to pay out for a game that ends up being no good, and you don’t want to waste your time trying free games that just made offer what they promised. So, we picked five paid and five free games for you to cast your eye over.

Paid Games

  1. Ticket to Ride – $2.99

What could be better than taking one of your favorite board games with you, without having to cart aboard and all the pieces with you? With Ticket to Ride, you can do just that. The object is to build a railway network to connect all the cities. Each turn, you get to pick two-colored cars, spend collected cars to claim a railway line, or take a new ticket. The latter option challenges you to connect two cities before the end of the game. The longer your railway line, the more victory points you get. This game offers you the perfect combination of strategy, competition, and construction. You can download similar games like these on the AppCake app.

  1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition – $6.99

Minecraft is one of the best-known games, originally starting a life on the PC. Now there are multiple versions for just about every platform you can think of, and the iPad is no exception. The gameplay is similar to the desktop version; explore, mine, and craft your environment. There are no real limits to what you can build and throw in a handful of enemies and the need to survive, and you have yourself endless hours of fun in this 3D pixelated graphical game.

  1. XCOM: Enemy Within – $4.99
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XCOM: Enemy Within is the perfect game for the iPad. It is a tactical strategy game, fairly slow-paced but with plenty of action. You create a squad, equip them with weapons, abilities, and armor and follow a story set in a science-fiction universe. Multiplayer gaming is supported, allowing for turn-by-turn combat, and there are plenty of side missions to keep you engaged for hours.

  1. Terraria – $4.99

Terraria is a popular sandbox game, similar in some ways to Minecraft. You start in a random world, and your goal is to survive. First, build your shelter and your defenses and then set too on defeating the monsters that attack. You can craft items to your heart’s content after you explore to find the resources you need, and you can even invite your friends to play to help you battle the bosses. Again, hours of fun in a simple, story-based game.

  1. Ticket to Earth – $4.99

Ticket to Earth is a battle game that shakes the RPG genre up. Based on a distant planet with a dying colony, its down to you, on the last Earth-bound ship, to fight a corrupt government and marauding attackers in this puzzle-based game. Position your teams, match tiles, and power-up with some pretty powerful abilities. This is a combination of RPG and puzzles in a turn-by-turn tactical game, and you can even play some levels and missions in augmented reality.

Free Games

While all of these are free to download and play, there are in-app purchases available.

  1. Fortnite

Who hasn’t at least heard of Fortnite? Its one of the most popular, fun games ever, especially if you connect an MFi controller. It is a Battle Royale game where you parachute onto an island and then fight to be the last man standing. It is a game of tactics, and as you fight to make it to the safe zone, you collect resources along the way, taking out anyone who stands between you and victory. The game is regularly updated with new events and new content, and it represents hours of endless, high-action fun. You can download games like these on the TweakBox appstore.

  1. LEGO Star Wars

An incredibly popular mobile port, LEGO Star Wars, offers a fun way to go through all the Star Wars movies. Along the way, you explore iconic landmarks that fans of the films will recognize, along with 20 of the very best characters. Play some of the best scenes from the movies and unlock bonus content, such as Arcade Mode, challenge levels, and more. Choose which side of the Force you will play on and even create your own character mashups. Hours of fun for LEGO and Star Wars fans.

  1. Crossy Road
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A very simple game, this is a clone of the incredibly popular Frogger game but, this time, you get lots of different animals to play as. The visuals are better, and the game is quite intense, with a simple premise – get across the road without getting squashed into oblivion. You can even challenge players to beat their scores. Games like these are available on TutuApp.

  1. Clash of Clans

Another popular game, Clash of Clans is a strategic battle game. Build your settlement, upgrade it, and turn it into the strongest fortress. Defend against the invading forces while battling to take out your opponents and destroy their fortresses. You can join a clan and recruit friends to help you, and you can take part in Clan Wars against other clans. Fast-paced action and hours of fun are guaranteed.

  1. Angry Birds 2

The sequel to the popular Angry Birds, this game takes it to the next level. While the premise is the same – use your angry birds to take out the pigs – there are added aspects to this game, which make it more challenging than the original.  Now, you can choose which bird to hurl at the enemy but choose wisely – one wrong choice and the game won’t go your way. Bosses have been introduced, too, giving you the opportunity to use your slingshot skills to take out the boss and move onto the next chapter.

What to Look For in a Good iPad Game

When you are looking for a game to play on your iPad, there are certain things you need to focus on:

  • Performance – The iPhone can’t always handle the biggest games; they overheat and shut down, but the iPad is a different story, better designed for gaming. However, you do need to look for the games that put performance at the top of the list. The best way to detect a good-performing game is if the frames don’t drop and your iPad doesn’t get too hot.
  • Quality – Quality is somewhat subjective, so the best way to find the games that offer you the best quality is to do your research before you dive in and download the game. Have a look at the user reviews in the app store; these are real users and will give you an idea of what problems if any, the game might have. Alternatively, if a paid game has a free trial or there is a demo or Lite version of the game, try that first before you fork out any real money.
  • Depth – you want a game that gives you hours of fun gameplay, not one that is over in five levels. The games we listed above certainly offer you all the gameplaying you want.

Important Features of Great iPad Games

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When you are choosing your game, three more important features should be looked at:

  • Graphics

Although aesthetics are important, that’s not the only important thing. For example, if a game keeps clipping or dropping frames, you don’t want to play it. What you should remember is that the iPad has more horses under the hood than the iPad, and, as such, it can handle a heavier graphic load. If a game works OK on the iPhone, there’s a good chance it will be great on the iPad.

  • Multiplayer

One of the best things about the iPad is that you can play online multiplayer games, for example, XCOM: Enemy Within. Plus, multiplayer games tend to have more features, more fun and play for longer.

  • Story

We all love a game with a  story, and that is why the RPG games are so popular. With a story to follow, you get hours more fun, and the games tend to get more challenging as you advance, and you definitely get more bang for your buck.

Whether you are looking for free or paid games, hours of fun, or just a simple game to take care of a ride to work, we’ve got you covered with these 10 games that you can enjoy to their fullest on your iPad.

Share this with your friends, and let us know of any other games you think you should have been on this list.

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