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Tv-Show, Percy Jackson Is In Development At Disney+

Percy Jackson Tv- Show. It has been officially announced that the Percy Jackson Tv series is in the early stages at Disney+. Percy Jackson is a novel series of 5 volumes authored by Rick Riordan. Two books have already been adapted as live-action movies, namely Percy Jackson and the lightning thief and Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters. The show is hoped to be a more faithful adaptation of the books than the movies released before.

How do we know about the Tv show?

Well, Rick Riordan announced it himself along with his wife Becky. Recently on twitter, Rick announced that Percy Jackson is coming on Disney+.

However, he did not confirm much but sure did reveal that it will be a Tv series. Since the whole book series is of 5 books so, the Tv show is also expected to be 5 seasons long. The first season will be based on the first book, titled Percy Jackson and the lightning thief.

It will follow the original story of the book and perhaps unlike the movie, present Percy to be 12-years-old as in the books.

When might it be released?

Well, that’s quite far right now and may not release until the end of 2021 or perhaps 2022. However, it has been reported to be in the early stages of production in the streaming company, Disney+. As all the filling works continue to remain at a pause amid coronavirus, we are sure that the filming of the show has not started yet. However, writers must be working at their full pace to finish the script to give the production a boost before starting.

Moreover, the cast is yet to be announced and it is possible that they haven’t even been appointed yet. Although Logan Lerman played the role in the movies he may not be called for the series.

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