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TVF’s Arunabh Kumar Hitting The Road Again With ‘Indusverse’ After Three Years

Arunabh Kumar’s new comic, ‘Induserve’. Arunabh had resigned from the post of TVF’s CEO back in 2017 following the allegations of physical misconduct in the workplace. However, now he has returned on the pages with his co-founded comic book brand Induserve. Well, reports also say that he might rejoin TVF. Let us look into it.


Induserve is a comic brand launched by Arunabh Kumar, Alok Sharma, and Saumin Patel. According to a post on Facebook by Arunabh, he says that he has been working this project for over a year now. Moreover, he also says that he is working hard to make a comic brand that can stand against ‘Marvel’ in India. Well, that’s kind of a long shot and will definitely require a lot of hard work.

Induserve was incorporated in 2019 of which 200k equity shares are owned by Arunabh and 28k are owned by co-founder Alok. The interesting thing about this comic brand is that its theme is to make artworks and stories of Indian Origin. Well, that’s not something we get to see often.

Induserve has also put on a sale package that includes three comic books namely, ‘The Beginning’, ‘Stunt’, and ‘Outrage’. All three feature a young protagonist dealing with new generations problems faced by millennials. Sounds more like ‘Archies’ than ‘Marvel’, doesn’t it.

Arunabh’s return to TVF.

In February reports were that TVF was cash strapped and was on to strike a deal with Times Internet. However, that deal is now off the table due to the interference of a dormant TVF co-founder Arunabh. This incident, as well as some sources, tell that Arunabh is planning to rejoin TVF. The news triggered resignations by senior executives and several employees. Perhaps it may not be best on the company’s part or would it be? Well, only time will tell.

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