Ultimate Strategies to Help You Pass Microsoft 70-533 Exam With Help of Exam Dumps

Most of the activities in our daily life are facilitated by mobile or web applications, likeSkype and Microsoft Office, without which the world would be so different and dull.Over a long period of time Microsoft, one of the globally acknowledged corporations, has ensured the development of software that connects both people and businesses and also been a reputable vendor of IT certifications and exams. Credentials are marks that prove your competence as a professional or an expert. 

If your field of interest is development, then this article is for you, cause its core center is Microsoft 70-533 exam, the one that brings you the prestigious MCSA MS-900 App Builder certification.

Microsoft 70-533 Exam Overview

As we all know, IT professionals take certification exams to sharpen their understanding of major concepts in fields such as software development, Cloud computing, database administration, etc. If to speak about 70-533 test, it assesses an individual’s skills in developing Web Services and Microsoft Azure and also leads to the MCSD App Builder credential which is the expert-level certification under the Microsoft Certification Program. To sit for this assessment, you should have minimum of three to five years of work experience as wells as one or more years developing API and Azure solutions. Generally, this exam tests the knowledge in the following main domains:

  • Data access
  • Manipulating and querying data by using the entity framework
  • Creating and consuming Web API-based services
  • Design and implementation of web services
  • Deployment of web applications as well as services

As for the details of 70-533 assessment, it contains from 40 to 60 questions of various types, such as multiple-choice, build list, active screen, performance-based, drag and drop among many. You will be required to complete these questions within 150 minutes. To add more, before sitting for this exam you’ll have to pay a registration fee of $165. It is mandatory for every candidate who wants to take this test.

Tips for passing the Microsoft 70-533 exam

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To pass 70-533 exam easily and earn the MCSD App Builder credential, you need to ensure that you have grasped the necessary concepts. Since there is a limited time to take this exam, we find it reasonable to share with you the ultimate strategies that will help you go through the exam prep period with no stress. Here is the list of what you have to do.


  • Have the exam objectives at your fingertips?


This is the first strategy you should always put in place before you dive into the concepts featured in the domains. The exam objectives are important because they act as a guide during your entire preparation. You will always know what you are expected to understand at every particular moment of your preparation because the objectives highlight them. Exam objectives also act as a guide because it tells you what you have to understand implying that you will not go beyond them.

  1. Use reliable prep material

One of the fundamental things which many candidates avoid is training. One of the best resources for training you can afford is Prepaway. This reliable platform offers you a wide collection of the most valid and updated exam dumps, video lectures and a study guide for the Microsoft 70-533 exam. The practice questions and answers you’ll find there are designed in the actual exam format and are available in premium and free versions. The Premium option goes just for $39.97 and also entails training course lectures and a study guide. Remember that you can get these items separately if you like.

Free dumps are a helpful resource to boost your chances of hitting the passing score.  So, make your preparation easier with Prepaway website by going through free or paid updated exam dumps, focusing on the areas you are still weak in, and improve your results.

  1. Use VCE Exam Simulator
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After training for a couple of days with the most actual study material, it is necessary to gauge your readiness by assessing your skills and knowledge andPrepaway is sure to help you. Download the VCE Exam Simulator to open free and paid exam dumps fromPrepaway that are offered in vce format, and get the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam. So, this software is your tool number one in preparing for 70-533 certification exam. Besides, it also offers you an opportunity to take topical questions and analyze your score every time you take a practice test. As a result, you get used to the exam testing environment and build your confidence to sit for the main assessment.

  1. Develop flowcharts where necessary

While doing the training course you have purchased or downloaded, make sure that you use flowcharts where it is appropriate. It will help you gain an in-depth understanding of even complex concepts. In most cases, flowcharts are used when representing statements such as if…else and switch…case…break. These are decision making terms you will utilize when developing Microsoft Azure.


  • Join discussion groups or forums


To level up your exam prep, it is worth joining a discussion group and learning from your colleagues or peers. Discussion groups help you gain a better understanding of the concepts as you blend your knowledge with that of others. Make sure that you also look into the preparation materials which your discussion group members have been using.

So, we assume this guide will motivate you to work hard on earning your desired MCSD App Builder credential.


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The demand for professionals with software development skills is always growing because all businesses and services in the world require software to run. Taking the Microsoft 70-533 exam can be challenging but following the tips being described in thisarticle will help you become successful in the test as well as become MCSD App Builder accredited. 

Thus, get certified today and enjoy your career prospects.And remember that the secret of passing is to use free and trustworthy exam dumps from the reputable provider, Prepaway.

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