United States To Ban TikTok And WeChat On Sunday! Here’s The Reason

TikTok And WeChat
Source: BBC

We all know due to the great controversial war between China and other countries, Chinese Applications are getting banned from everywhere. Now there is news that the TikTok Application is going to be blocked by US President Donald Trump. So let’s see what is the real matter.

The news of high numbers of Chinese applications are being blocked from our mobiles and this is not the first time when this process is happening. Earlier also, the Indian government took steps to block the Chinese Applications, in which it was successful and now again, this process is coined by President Donald Trump also.

Reason Behind The Ban Of WeChat And TikTok In United States

In the latest conversations with US President Donald Trump, he has communicated that he is supreme power to take economic decisions. By regulating this, he has asked the authorities to ban social video applications from the United States.

According to President Donald Trump, the decision is taken on account of the nation’s safety. As we know both the application serves to be the Chinese Applications and due to the inconvenient relationship between China and the United States, any losses of data may result in the safety concern in the nation.

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Microsoft Offers To President Donald Trump

According to President Donald Trump, there are no questions of compromising the factors of National Security and this will be only enhanced after there is no loss of data from the US to China.

As per the Microsoft Organisation, the company offered President Donald Trump to buy the Chinese Applications from the owned company and make use of them as United States citizens are the regular customer of these social applications.

Rejecting to these offers, the United States President Donald Trump has rejected the offer of Microsoft as there is no reason for having any compromise for the subject of the Nation’s safety.

According to the Cyber Security Agencies, there is no proper evidence that can assure that any data can be leaked from the application but still to maintain securities of nations, this step will be taken.

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