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2020 is about two-thirds over, and the Blu-ray and digital release calendar has been a hub of activities. Movie theatres remain closed in attempts to control coronavirus spread, but most movies have been hitting various digital storefronts more since early this year. These films released in 2020 continue to trickle out on physical media as most theatres remain closed. Scroll down to see the September 2020 Blue-ray and DVD releases. You may want to get high-quality DVD packaging to keep your discs safe.

1. Hawaii Five-O:  Season 10 (The Final Season – DVD)

Farewell to the Hawaii Five-O kidnappings, bomb threats, pirates, assassinations, and all other issues that Alex O’Loughlin (Steve McGarrett) and his task force have to solve. Steve and Scott Caan (Detective Sgt. Daniel Williams) go up against familiar foes and new adversaries, including the exciting final showdown with Yakuza for the island’s soul. The task force will need all the help it can get from Thomas Magnum and Higgins’s guest appearances.

These final cases of the HPD’s finest offer you the chance to witness the epic conclusion to Danno and McGarrett’s saga in season 10’s 22 episodes (5-disc collection).

2. Chicago Five Season 8 – DVD

The courageous firefighters, paramedics, and rescue squad of Chicago Firehouse has returned for the explosive season eight. With Lt. Severide heading Captain Casey leading the truck company, the Firehouse 51 team faces new challenges as they put their lives on the line to ensure Chicago residents are safe.

When you last saw these heroes, they were rushing to help workers trapped in a burning mattress factory. An industrial boiler was on the verge of exploding. Will the Chicago Five make it out before an explosion takes the entire block?

3. Weathering With You – Blu-ray

Hodaka runs away from his remote home (on an island) to Tokyo during the summer of his school freshman year. Within a short time, he finds himself pushed to his personal and financial limits. He lives in isolation, but later finds a job as a writer for an occult magazine. One day, Hodaka meets Hina, a lady with the power to stop rain and clear the entire sky. The film has both English subtitles and the original Japanese track.

4. Cinema Paradiso – Blu-ray

This film celebrates youth, the everlasting magic of the movies, and friendship. The film won several awards, such as the Original Score, Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, and more. It tells the interesting story of a successful film director, Salvatore, who returned home for the funeral of his old friend who served as a projectionist at a local cinema throughout their childhood.

As Salvatore reconnects with the community that he left three decades earlier, memories of his first affair with Helena and all the blessings and challenges that shaped his life flood his mind. The original theoretical version will be presented on a 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray.

You may want to check other interesting DVD and Blu-ray release during the last quarter of 2020.

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