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‘Virgin River: Season 2’ Netflix Release Date?

Virgin River Season 2
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Virgin River, the romantic original show of Netflix coming for the second season. The first season of the show left us with some curious unanswered question. Thus, getting the fans all excited about the next season. Moreover, it was also renewed for the next season without much delay. However, we still haven’t got the release date, majorly due to the halt in production caused by the coronavirus pandemic. So, the main question is when would we get to watch it?

Virgin River Season 2 Release Date?

We certainly have good news about the next season. It is very much possible that the second season is released in this year itself. The first season began filming in December 2018 and was wrapped up by March 2019. It was then released in December 2019.

Similarly, the second season began filming in September 2019 and was wrapped up by December 2019. So, judging by the trends in the previous season, we should have gotten the second season right about this month. However, the disturbance caused by the pandemic has certainly resulted in a delay. Therefore, the expectation is that the second season might release by the end of this year. As the filming has already been finished, the main work remaining is in post-production. Thus, the best release date that we could hope for is in December 2020.

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What might happen next?

Further, their might also be an additional announcement regarding the renewal of the show for the third season after the release of the second one. This hypothesis is based on the rumors that are flying around about the development of the show for the third season. Moreover, to support this conjecture, we have gotten the news of the promotion of a few characters to series regulars.

The announcement of Benjamin Hollingsworth being promoted was made in June this year indicating a future for the series. As for why would you promote someone if there is no work to be done.

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