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Warrior Nun: Season 2? Netflix Release Date Predicted!

Warrior Nun recently arrived on Netflix and audiences around the world adore the illusion web series. Find out when season 2 will be released.

Warrior Nun is Netflix’s new fantasy illusion and operation web series. Warrior Nun season 1 arrived only on Netflix, fans and audience have binge-watched all 10 episodes of the most fantastic show. So, they are now thinking, ‘Will Warrior Nun have another season’?

Warrior Nun: Is Season 2 Happening?

Warrior Nun Season 1 arrived on July 2, 2020, only on Netflix. So hence, only 5 days remain in the release of the show till now. It is an acknowledged fact that Netflix usually takes at least 6 to 8 weeks before disclosing a renewal of a show for the next season.

So far we do not have any such information so that we can tell you how long it will be released. As soon as any information comes to us, we will inform you about its release. As long as you guys enjoy season 1 of warrior Nun and we are doing it too. Waiting for how long season 2 will come.

Possibilities For The Return Of Warrion Nun?

As already mentioned, early upgrades from Netflix are very rare. While it is an undisputed fact that the Warrior Nun is still tempted on Netflix, it also topped the charts alongside recently released Unsolved Mysteries and Dark Season 3.

Now we have to wait to see what happens next, what will happen in the next season and when will it come?


Alba Baptista as Ava Silva

Emilio Sakraya as JC

Lorena Andrea as Sister Lilith

Kristina Tonteri-Young as Sister Beatrice

Toya Turner as Sister Mary

Olivia Delcán as Sister Camila

Thekla Reuten as Jillian Salvius

Sylvia De Fanti as Mother Superion

Tristán Ulloa as Father Vincent

Joaquim de Almeida as Cardinal Francisco Duretti

Peter de Jersey as Kristian Schaefer

Dimitri Abold as Randall

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