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Warrior Nun: What Happened To Season 2? Is It Still Happening?

Warrior Nun, the out of the box thought show though adapted from a comic book series. In the year 2020, adaptations of comic books have been a great deal. Several shows on Netflix have been taken out of comic books, however, this one is something new. This fantasy-drama show was bound to be successful, after all, it had the production team responsible for Game Of Thrones. So, will there be another season?

Will there be a season 2 for Warrior Nun?

As far as the plot is concerned, there certainly is scope for another season. So, now the question is will Netflix renew it for another season? I’ll save you the curiosity of know and just tell you that the second season has reportedly been renewed. However, an official confirmation is still awaited.

Simon Barry, who serves as the showrunner said that just after the first season his team sat down to discuss the ideas for the second season if they are lucky enough to get it. Moreover, the writers have also teased about planning to begin the development of season 2.

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Well, the official information will come soon as the show has performed quite well in a month. Globally, it was the most popular show and held the 6th and 4th positions in the U.S and U.K respectively. Since the release, it was the third-best series on Netflix after Cursed and Dark Desire. Moreover, it also held the top positions in Brazil and the Netherlands. Therefore, hopes for the show to return for the second season will not let us down.

Now, as far as the release is concerned, nothing can be said about that yet. With Corona still haunting the world, there’s still time before we get to see the productions getting back on schedule. Although some of the shows began filming under the norms of social distancing, some of them had to be resuspended. So, nothing can be said about that yet.

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