What Does A Ghostwriter Do?

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Ghostwriting is a term coined for a type of writing job. And no, it has nothing to do with ghosts writing a piece for you. There’s nothing supernatural about it.  

Let’s start with writers. This one’s pretty obvious, writers provide you with a text, essay, speech, article, or any literary piece. Writers can create their works to own them, and they can publish them under their name. Many businesses can hire writers to create content for their brand. In this case, the writer owns the content. In other words, even if a company hired the ghostwriter, their name will still appear as the author.  

On the other hand, ghostwriting is when someone writes a piece for a fee. Therefore, the ghostwriter relinquishes ownership of the writing to their client. The one who hired the ghostwriter will be credited. Of course, it’s not like the ghostwriter isn’t aware of this agreement. Before the ghostwriter sends out the document, they must be aware of these terms.  

Ghostwriting is a popular trend these days, especially with content writing. Tons of businesses want to attract more customers, and creating valuable and clickable content is one effective way to do this. But it isn’t only limited to companies, even spokespersons, politicians, and other celebrities hire ghostwriters to make speeches and posts for their social media.

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Where to find great ghostwriters? 

You might be excited to hire a ghostwriter to get your brand off the ground. So, go on and check the best ghostwriters out there. But that’s precisely the dilemma: they’re ghostwriters. You can’t possibly find them so quickly, and also track their works.  

So how to hire a ghostwriter isn’t exactly as simple as it sounds. Here are a few ways you can go about it:  

    1. Hiring through an agency
      Ghostwriting is quite a lucrative business to the point that there are companies that specialize in it. It’s also effortless to look for ghostwriting agencies. By simply searching for it online, you can feast your eyes on all kinds of companies such as the WritersBlok Ghostwriting Agency, among others.

      The great thing about going through an agency is that there are many writers on board. You can make requests such as hiring a writer who is knowledgeable about a specific niche. Also, the product goes through different levels of editing and finalization. There are all kinds of quality checking before they present it to you for final approval. 

      More importantly, getting writing services from an agency is a safer approach a company tests their writers before hiring. You can feel confident about the quality without having to assess each writer. 

    2. Use search engines
      This is the easiest way to find ghostwriting services. There are all kinds of ghostwriters who have their own companies and websites. What’s great about this is that you know who you’re hiring. Their name is probably on their website, and you can do the transaction directly.

      The drawback is that this is a single writer, and they might not be too familiar with every niche out there. If they’re a solo writer, they’ll probably be editing their document, which is fine if they’re highly experienced, but it does help to have a separate pair of eyes to check any form of writing. 

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  • Directly hiring from classified ads
    Putting up a job ad in online classified ads will catch the attention of any writers looking for a project. Mostly, these are freelance writers. What’s great about this procedure is possible writers can send you all their credentials and writing samples for review. You can compare the different writers and interview them to be sure that they’re knowledgeable about the niche. 

    The drawback is it’s a little bit more tedious. You have to keep track of all the applications and emails. But if you have the time and resources to use this method, it’s also an excellent way to find ghostwriters. Still, this gives you more choices and detail about who you’re hiring. 

    Just be clear in the advertisement that you’re hiring a ghostwriter to avoid any trouble with ownership of the written product. 

What to remember when hiring a ghostwriter 

Remember that readers will credit you for the content, so double-check the written document before paying for it and publishing it. It must reflect your brand’s values, image, and credibility. If the document is poorly written or gives incorrect content, it will affect your company negatively.  

Build a relationship with the ghostwriters if you like their job, and you find that they work well with you. You can be sure that you get the same quality, and you can also have a consistent tone for your brand. 

Most importantly, be wary of plagiarized content! 


Ghostwriting is when you hire someone to write content that will be credited to you. With this in mind, one has to be careful with which ghostwriter to hire. The content you pay for successfully represents you or your business positively, effectively, and successfully. 

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