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WHO Warning Of Lockdown: Fact Check Behind Circulating Audio Clip


A 8.34-minute long audio clip, in which two men could be talking to each other and one of them claiming that there will be a ‘complete lockdown’ of the country in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, is being circulated widely on social media platforms and WhatsApp, and people are circulating it widely.

In the clip is is cliamed that he has got to known from the source that, there would be complete lovkdown in India from April 15 To June 15, 2020, as per the WHO, the coronavirus pandemic situation in India is critical.

What’s the Truth

The Press Information Bureau (PIB) Fact Check made a tweet that AUDIO CLIP IS FAKE AND IS DONE TO CREATE PANIC AMONG PEOPLES, and is a work of Miscreants

The verified account of Prasar Bharati News Services made also made a tweet clearing that Audio Clip is FAKE.

It said that: #FakeNewsBusted An audio conversation mentioning WHO sending report to Indian govt regarding lockdown is doing rounds on Social Media. In conversation with PBNS, WHO India said, “This audio is FAKE.”

Be safe and away from FAKE News
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