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Why Are Rolling Stones Threatening To Sue Donald Trump? Here’s The Complete Story

Source: Deadline

Who can imagine that Donald Trump, will yet again amazes us with his another silly/immature/ not suitable for president act?

So Donald Trump used The rolling stones song in his rallies without any authority or cease-and-desist directives. The stones gave a statement recently that their legal teams and lawyers are working with the rights of the music under the BMI organization to make Trump stop using their material in his re-election campaign. BMI has even sent a notice to the campaign of US President on the behalf of The Rolling Stones that the unauthorized use of their song will cause a breach in the agreement of licensing.

If Trump will still not stop and keep using the song, this is regarding the exclusion and the perception that he might have to face some lawsuits for the purpose of breaking the impediment and using the music and playing it all over the Ralley without the license. As we all are aware of the 1969 classic you can’t always get what you want which was an amazing song and very popular also so it was played at the closing of Trans rally which happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it was an indoor event but it was a great exercise by people around the globe as it may increase the potential cause of spreading the global pandemic which is COVID-19 specifically for the individuals involved.

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It’s just not this song but there are many musicians,  artists, and companies who have complained about having their music that trump used in his events which later the family of Tom petty commented that they have issued another cease-and-desist order after the used his song I won’t back down ( Tulsa event).

People are talking that trump has literally no right to use any song in his personal motives events and campaign which includes too-many Americans. They are specifically saying because the family of late Tom petty and including other artists and musicians are against the factors of racism discrimination and inappropriate practices done to shatter away from the rights of black lives.

The family of Tom petty was so concerned because he never wanted his song to be used in a campaign that had so much hate, as he was the one to bring people together but not to create discrimination.

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