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Will Ferrell And Jon Favreau Feud That Led To Cancellation Of ‘Elf 2’

Will Ferrell And Jon Favreau Feud
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Is The Reason Behind Cancelation Of ‘Elf 2’ Ferrell And Jon Favreau Feud?

During a recent interview, James Caan, Elf star, explained the reason for the cancelation of the sequel of Elf. He put Will Ferrell and Jon Favreau in light for cancelation and said that it because they didn’t get together very well.

The first season of Elf was appeared in theaters in the year 2003 and became a hit in some time at the box office. The series earned over $220 million globally.

The movie since then has become fans’ and viewers’ favorite holiday classic show. It’s not only the creators of the show even the fans begged both Favreau and Ferrell to come together well for a sequel for uncountable times for years.

Elf 2: James Caan Opened Up About The Sequel Of Christmas Comedy Movie

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Is The Sequel Of Elf Canceled?

After the release, the plans for the sequel of Elf have been talked. The actor of Elf made it seem that the sequel of Elf is gonna come at theaters in the future times, as James Caan knew that he was working on something special.

After 10 years of the release of Elf, there were rumors that Jon Favreau will launch the sequel of Elf named Elf 2: Buddy Saves Christmas, but later it was cleared that Will Ferrell is not interested in making Elf2.

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At every Christmas, Favreau and Ferrell were get asked if they were planing or looking forward to the sequel of Elf, but it seems that Will Ferrell has made up his mind and he does not want to do Elf 2.

The interview with James Cann is on 92.3 Sports Radio, you can check it there.

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