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Will Johnny Depp Play The New Joker Alongside Robert Pattinson’s Batman?

Recently news broke out on the internet that the creators of The Batman movie are considering to cast Johnny Depp for the role of Joker. And after that, the fans of DC Comics started swarming the internet with many bizarre speculations. They were not alone but the fans of Pirates Of The Caribbean have accompanied them in celebrating the unverified news.

Johnny Depp does not any introduction. Indeed he is one of the best actors of Hollywood and is known for doing many versatile roles in the career.

On the other hand, the DC Comics character ‘Joker’ has its fan base. Since the last century, this role has been played by many great actors. And recently, Heath Ledger has made this character more popular among the netizens. The legacy of Ledger was carried on by another great actor Joaquin Phoenix and the acting which he has done in the role of Joker has got him an Oscar.

So for Johnny Depp, if the news about him as playing the role of Joker is true, it would be a great responsibility to do them justice with the character of Joker which it demands.

Johnny Depp As Joker! How This Speculation Started?

A tabloid first published this story that for the role of ‘Joker’, Warner Bros. has started scrutinizing many actors. And not only that but Johnny Depp is on their priority.

For a few months, the personal life of Johnny Depp has caused him much trouble (the whole controversial thing with Amber Heard). So if Johnny Depp would get cast for the role of Joker then it would help his comeback. And fans have not seen the confrontation of Batman and the Joker for over a decade.

It would be great to see the confrontation of Johnny Depp as Joker and Robert Pattinson as Batman. Hope this news comes out to be true.

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