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‘With Prime Videos’ Patal Lok, The Indian TV Shows Can Now Rise Globally

Patal Lok. The Indian Hindi-language crime thriller series on Amazon Prime Video. At first, you might think the show is just about a drained cop getting back into the game. However, it is much more than that. It cannot be explained in quite a detail using just a few words, to find the thrill you will have to watch it for yourself. Though I will try to give you a glimpse of it.

What is the show about?

It is the concept of the three realms, Patal Lok, Dharti, and Swarg Lok (Hell, Earth, and Heaven) being told through the central character of the show. The protagonist of the show is a washed-out Delhi cop, Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhry. With nothing to look forward to in his life and having a stagnant ordinary career, inspector Hathi lands the case of his lifetime.

However, it is a dark mysterious case that takes the inspector to the realm of the underworld. Although it might sound similar to the concept shown in the sacred games of Netflix, it much more than that.

Through the case, the inspector rediscovers his responsibilities as a cop and a larger meaning to life itself. To understand the show better you will have to watch it and trust me it will be worth your time.

Critical Reception of the show.

The show is highly praised by a number of Bollywood artists and creators. Moreover, it has also received a 7.9 rating on IMBD along with a good review on rotten tomato. However, the show has also been politicized and has been accused of being leftist propaganda in the country. Although politics apart the show is a must-watch by several critics.

The Global rise of the show.

Patal Lok has also found an audience in the Hindi-understanding people outside India. It looks like they may be recognized after all and thus, shall the Indian shows rise globally. However, it is not a surprise that Indian shows and movies are being watched outside India too, some worthy shows and movies sure have found recognition there.

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