Wonder Woman 1984: Will The Movie Face More Delay For Theatre Release?

Wonder Woman 1984
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Wonder Woman 1984, DC’s much-awaited long time coming movie. Gal Gadot to play the iconic role of Diana a.k.a Wonder Woman. This movie might be set on a bit of a lighter tone than DC movies usually are. Moreover, it will be set in 1984, taking a big leap from the First World War.

Well, it is set to be released on October 2nd, however, that might not happen. There certainly would be a delay.

Wonder Woman 1984 delayed?

The film might be postponed, the announcement made by Warner Bros. Due to the pandemic all the theatres have been shut down with no knowledge of them being opened anytime soon. Further, Ann Sarnoff(C.E.O) has made his decision to get the movie a theatrical release as it deserves it.

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Well, the film was originally planned to be released back in 2019. However, since then it has already been postponed twice. Now that it is again being postponed, it makes it thrice. As you know the fourth date is always a charm, so we believe, the upcoming date whatever it be would mark the release of this film.

When will it release?

As of now, no release date has been put up. Seeing the situation of the world, still struggling with the pandemic, it could be while before the release. At the very least, it could be set in late November or perhaps December. However, there still are chances of it being moved to 2021.

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Moreover, Ann Sarnoff also gave us hope on a December release saying that it could possibly happen in December, in a conversation with THR. He is pretty determined to get the movie on the big screen. Looks like they surely have made something worth taking the risk of Coronavirus. However, the movie will not be released until it safe to do so.

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