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Yellowstone Season 4: Release Date Schedule

Yellowstone Season 4
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Yellowstone, the American drama series starring Kevin Costner. Being rated as one of the top series in the US, the show is on the way for season 4. The fourth season was announced in February this year, around 4 months before the release of season 3. This certainly shows that Paramount Pictures is quite confident about the performance of the show. Well, why won’t it be? After all, the average viewership is around 5 million, that’s a quite promising number. So, when will the fourth season release?

Yellowstone Season 4 Release Updates?

Although it was renewed back in February, there has been no recent update regarding the release of the show. However, we can make guesses on the basis of previous seasons and present scenario of the world.

Till now, each season of the show has released in June but that might not be possible for the next season. The reason being halted production due to the coronavirus pandemic. There certainly will be a little delay in the release due to delays in production.

The closest release date we can expect is the third quarter of the year 2021. However, as the show is shot in and around a ranch in Montana, it can start production soon as there are no active corona cases there.

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What might happen in the next season?

Predicting that right now is quite difficult as we have no information about the plot right now. However, the fans would be eager to know if John Dutton, who was shot at and his daughter, who’s office was bombed, survived or not. Well, I think that John must have survived as they cannot just kill off their central character at this time when the Dutton family is entering into more conflicts.

Florrie J. Smith, who plays Lloyd in the show said that the fourth season will have more of don’t mess with the Dutton family attitude. Well, that would be something exciting to watch.

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