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You Season 3: 5 Early Spoilers A Fan Should Know

The story revolves around the sociopath Joe Goldberg who left fans surprised and made them gasp because of the turns and outrageous twist he brought to the fans. The increasingly erratic behavior of Joe is something that is becoming the highlight of the show and attracting more audiences towards it as the seasons are proceeding.

So the finale of last season is where we got some clue of the Joe meeting his match.

5 Spoilers about the show ‘YOU’

  • The plot of YOU is that Joe traveled to L.A with an exclusively new identity and story and involved deeply in love and become obsessed about the aspiring chef Love Quinn. No doubt she is gorgeous which drives him crazy and he becomes mad about her. As the show moves forward it turns out that Love is not what she used to appear to be before.
  • The second season of YOU was debuted in December 2019 it’s still not so long to predict anything but yes it is confirmed that season 3 is officially coming but when is still a doubt.
    The next series will be consisting of 10 episodes the same as the last two seasons. But there is no news about the release date yet. As the situation of a pandemic might push the dates further and delay the production and shootings.
  • The sociopath Joe Goldberg develops an obsession for young and beautiful women. When Joe met Love she seems to be quiet innocent and crazy but the second season finale left all of its fans in shock when love revealed that she was the one behind the murder of Deliah and Candace and that was the moment when Joe realizes he met someone as crazy as him.
  •  Love killed the au pair because he sexually harassed her brother Forty when they were kids.
  • It seems that Joe and Love will become a happy family with some certain pregnancy but of course, more killing and murders are sure to be going to happen.
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Both seasons 1 and 2 were based on the novel written by Caroline Kepnes but that third part is still not released in the market so it is unpredictable to get any clue about the show and what part will it lead to.

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