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Zac Efron The Reason Behind Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler’s Split Up! Breakdown Of The Viral Rumor

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The famous High School Musical stars Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have reportedly split up last Tuesday after spending nine years together. And according to inside reports, they also had plans to tie their knot this year and had talked about getting engaged before they split up.

There are rumors around that it might be Vannesa’s ex Zac Efron, whom she dated for five years before she and Butler got together, and he has been labeled as the reason why Vannesa and Butler split. Her fans are always rooting her to get back with Zac Efron and are continually nagging Efron to “Go, get his girl.”

Breaking down the widespread rumor, as for now through the sources, we have collected information that Zac Efron has nothing to do with Vannesa’s recent split-up, and he is undoubtedly not interested in getting back with her.

Vanessa, who looked stunning in her white dress and rocked the Bad Boys for Life premiere, has become a post-breakup idol for all of us. She though revealed that she doesn’t have any such plan to get in a relationship with anyone and needs a break. Earlier her breakup, she also mentioned that she had lost contact with The Lucky One’s actor long back and didn’t speak anymore. But she duly respects the friendship they ever had.

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Some of Vanessa’s other fans are devasted after learning her breakup with Butler and hopes that later on, they might give it another shot.

Vanessa and Butler were in a nine long year relationship and were very much on the verge of getting engaged. One of the most important reasons for their separation is the ‘distance’ that has been created between them. They were recently working on two different continents, and differences must have been designed. It has already been several months, and they are absent from each other’s social media pages.

Eventually, last month, Vanessa spent her Christmas and New year’s eve all by herself. Its very unfortunate that Vanessa and Butler parted their ways after being together for such a long time. The couple is yet to comment on these rumors though it seems that it is made official by both of them.