Zendaya: Is She Dating Jacob Elordi After Tom Holland?

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There are several rumours that the famous former “Disney Girl” Zendaya is dating her “Euphoria” castmate Jacob Elordi.

Since October 2019, strong rumours began to emerge that sentimentally related to two of the stars of ‘Euphoria’. Zendaya and Jacob Elordi have a secret romance? This is the question that many people have asked themselves in recent months.

So, are they dating each other?

The 23-year-old actress and singer and the 22-year-old Australian actor have not made their relationship official till now. Also, both have denied these rumours claiming that they are just good friends. So, for now, it is not clear whether these rumours will come true or not.

When does the bond between Zendaya and Jacob started?

According to various sources, this love story emerged after the filming of the first season of HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ series.

There is no confirmation from either of the two actors about their relationship. But the photos speak for themselves. They were seen travelling together and walking on the streets and laughing. This all situations indicates a relationship that goes beyond friendship.

Jacob and Zendaya had also spent the holidays together in Greece. And in December in Australia, the actress had also met her colleague’s parents.

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Some photos were leaked through social networks. In the pictures, they were having a very fun time together.

The most striking image came in early February. In that Jacob was seen kissing Zendaya in her head in a very romantic and tender way. This left everyone surprised. Perhaps, that kiss can be seen millions of kilometres away that is more than a friendship.

Even on March 8, they both seen wearing jeans, black t-shirts and bright blue accessories. This made it clear that they make a perfect match.

Without a doubt, Zendaya and Jacob Elordi are both perfect and beautiful. And if the news of their relationship gets confirmed, they will probably make up one of the new hottest couples in the entertainment industry.

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